NVIDIA hints at an HTC Nexus 9 tablet coming within weeks

Remember those hints of HTC returning to tablets? Yeah, the cat's out of the bag. As part of its patent lawsuit against Qualcomm and Samsung, NVIDIA has revealed that it expects a Tegra K1-powered "HTC Nexus 9" sometime within the third calendar quarter of the year. That would theoretically put the launch sometime before the end of September. However, don't get your hopes up for a release that soon. HTC just sent out invitations for a "double exposure" media event on October 8th, and there's still no guarantee that the Nexus 9 will surface at that gathering. Given that the slate is supposed to be running Android L, any unveiling will likely hinge as much on Google's progress as it does HTC's.

HTC Nexus 9 reference in NVIDIA's lawsuit