NYC brings carrier and WiFi coverage to more subway stations

For the most part, New York City's underground transportation system is solid and reliable. It gets locals from point A to point B with ease, and that's the only thing which should matter -- never mind the strange things that occasionally transpire while commuting. Having said this, a large number of subway stations still lack any sort of network coverage, making it nearly impossible for people to do basic tasks on their mobile devices, like getting on a phone call or browsing the web. Thankfully, it's about to get better for residents of The Big Apple, plus the more than 50 million people who visit the city every year. Earlier today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said wireless connectivity is now available at 40 additional underground platforms, including 11 in Manhattan and 29 in Queens.

Cuomo added that, with help from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, the plan is do the same for another 39 stations across the five boroughs by next spring. "The completion of Phases I and II are part of seven phases to wire all 277 underground stations by 2017," he stated. The full list of connected stations can be found right here.

[Image credit: m01229/Flickr]