ShitExpress will send poop in a box anywhere in exchange for Bitcoins

You can find absolutely anything on the internet, and services that send poop on your behalf to people who've incurred your hatred are old news. This new startup called ShitExpress, however, offers something its older rivals can't: the ability to accept Bitcoins for total anonymity. No credit card means no paper trail. And, if you take great care to make sure you browse the internet anonymously, nobody will find out it's your doing. For the Bitcoin equivalent of $17, the company will send horse manure (more types will be added in the future, as should be expected from a respected poop delivery service) anywhere in the world for you.

That price includes packaging (you can choose to send it in a plain box or disguised as a fancy, expensive gift), shipping, a personalized letter and a message telling the recipient to be a better human being. When Motherboard's Jason Koebler sent an order to himself, he said the package was marked as a Halloween gag gift to pass customs. But, we'll bet an official from one of the stricter countries will open one to check it, only to come across a nasty surprise.

[Image credit: Kristian Bjornard/Flickr]