EA shows off its stable of upcoming sports blockbusters

As expected, EA took the stage at E3 2015 to showcase the next installment of its popular sports franchises. That, of course, includes FIFA 16, Madden 16, NBA Live 16, NHL 16 and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. This year, like most others, EA Sports is focusing on evolution rather than revolution, so people familiar with these titles won't notice any major change. But that's not to say some things haven't changed. In the case of FIFA 16, for example, there are all-new defensive mechanics, which will help you defend better ground against attacking players. For NBA 16, EA Sports revealed an app that can take your picture and then use it as a custom character's face -- the most impressive part about this is how it only takes a couple of minutes.

Madden 16, meanwhile, comes with a completely overhauled passing game, designed to assist quarterbacks, receivers and defenders in coverage. You'll see improved passing for specific routes, for example, allowing you to choose different types of catches -- including one that lets players attack the ball at its highest point. As a defender, on the other hand, you can play the receiver instead of just the ball, which should make it harder for anyone to score on you.

Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour, Madden 16, NHL 16, FIFA 16 and NBA Live 16 will be released on July 14th, August 15th, September 15th, September 23rd and September 29th, respectively. You can check out the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One trailers for a few of these below.

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