Super League Gaming brings competitive 'Minecraft' to American movie theaters

Arcades used to be the go-to place for gamers to come together and test their skills in friendly matches. While quarter-fuelled cabinets have fallen in popularity, the online eSports scene has exploded, resulting in huge tournaments and sell-out crowds. Super League Gaming, despite its name, wants to recreate the social, recreational arcade atmosphere for a new generation of games and players. For starters, it's planning a 28-city tour in the US, where it'll be hosting Minecraft competitions inside 80 AMC, Cinemark and iPic movie theaters. The game isn't exactly known for its competitive multiplayer, but organisers hope to stir up some friendly rivalry with PVP matches and casual building sessions.

The "league" will start with an introductory tour from June 15th to August 28th, before a more structured six-week competition kicks off on September 14th. The organisers say their goal is to support other, more traditional eSports games in the future, but feel that for now Minecraft is best-suited for its "minor league" vibe. It's not an eSports league in the traditional sense, but for casual players it could be a novel way to compete.