Canyon's Smart Bike Computer puts Android Wear on your handlebars

When you're cycling up a steep incline, hunched over the handlebars and desperately willing your legs to keep going, you don't want to be messing around with your phone or a second-rate cycling computer. Bike manufacturer Canyon has teamed up with Sony to find a solution -- and the fruits of their labor is the Smart Bike Computer. It runs on Android Wear, so the 1.6-inch touchscreen can display a bunch of popular cycling apps including Strava and Google Maps. The small, waterproof unit slides directly into the stem, ensuring the sleek stylings of your ride aren't ruined, and can connect to your phone over Bluetooth. In addition, it boasts up to 8 hours of battery life, built-in GPS and 4GB of internal storage, so you can leave your handset at home and still use some of its essential features.

The downside? Canyon is calling it a "concept," so there's no guarantee it'll hit store shelves. Having said that, the company is aiming for a spring 2016 release, with an estimated price of €200. Of course, you could always wear an Android Wear smartwatch, but having it directly on the bike could be useful if you take pedal-power seriously.

[Image Credit: Canyon]