Spotify will make a playlist for your out-of-office message

Complete with songs that are trending at your destination.

Spotify has been churning out a number of new features for finding fresh tunes as of late, but its most recent tool aims to make your out-of-office email more musical. The streaming service has a feature that builds a playlist based on your destination that will appear inside the aforementioned message. Appropriately called OOO, the web-based interface takes into account the city you're traveling to, whether its for business or pleasure and the overall mood of the trip before compiling a collection of songs. The playlist is actually pulled from tracks that are trending in that location, so when I selected New York City, I got a good amount of show tunes and The Last Five Years soundtrack.

Once the playlist is finished, Spotify also provides the means for crafting the email message itself. Input the dates of your trip, who should be contacted while you're away and with a click, OOO drafts the text. From there, all you have to do is copy and paste it into your go-to email client. Of course, if you're not happy with what the music service selects, you could always manually input your Discover Weekly playlist instead. And yes, you'll need an account to employ the new feature.