The guy who built his own Iron Man suit now has a Guinness record

He flew over 100 meters at 32 mph.

Remember that guy who built a homemade Iron Man suit? Well, with the help of his arm-strapped, gas-powered turbine engines, he just earned himself a Guinness World Record title. As The Mirror reports, Richard Browning and Daedalus (the name of his suit) reached flying speeds of 32.02 mph and Guinness awarded the feat with a title for the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit. If you're wondering how many competitors there could possibly be in such a category, the answer is one. Browning is the first title holder.

When we first heard about Browning and his wild suit back in March, he said the suit cost him around $50,000 to build, though a couple of partnerships offset some of that cost. Since then, Browning and his company Gravity have garnered quite a bit of investment interest and they just wrapped up a funding round that raised an additional $650,000 on top of hundreds of thousands of dollars in earlier investment funding.

You can check out a video of Daedalus' award-winning flight below.