Alexa can crank the bass on your Echo when you ask

Third-party speakers like Sonos Beam are getting the equalizer feature too.

Amazon is giving you more control over audio with an Alexa update that lets you adjust the equalizer and sound modes using your voice. So if you think the music you're listening to on your Amazon Echo could use a touch more low end, asking Alexa to increase the bass should do just that. More specifically, the bands you can tweak are bass, midrange and treble. Alexa can also switch your Echo to a number of EQ presets as well, including for movies, music, sports and TV.

The update is rolling out to US users today across the various Echo devices, as well as some third-party smart speakers that use Alexa, including the new Sonos Beam. If you have that soundbar, you could, for instance, switch to night mode to balance loud and quiet noises in a movie so you don't bother anyone else in your home late at night. Amazon is opening up the equalizer function to let developers add it to more speakers, so it could be available on other devices soon.