Google brings AMP-powered search to Google Images

Its new Swipe to Visit feature lets you preview sites in Google Images.

Google wants to make it easier for users to search for content through Google Images. To do so, it's rolling out a new, AMP-powered Swipe to Visit feature. When you select an image, you'll see a preview of the website header at the bottom of the screen. You can keep scrolling through Google Images, or swipe up on the preview to load the AMP (accelerated mobile pages) version of the site.


As you may remember, the tech was previewed at Google I/O. It's meant to make searching Google Images for the content you want faster. Ideally, you won't need to load a bunch of pages that slow your device down.

Google's quick-loading AMP haven't always gone over well with publishers. But Google promises publishers will still receive a pageview when a user swipes up on their site, and the speed and ease of Swipe to Visit could lead to more pageviews overall. Plus, in the coming weeks, Google will add a tool to let publishers see traffic from AMP in Google Images. Of course, publishers will have to support AMP for any of this to work.