Apple TV+ offers peek at kids shows 'Ghostwriter' and 'Helpsters'

You won't be hurting for children's TV on launch.

Apple won't rely solely on Snoopy in Space to keep your kids happy when TV+ debuts on November 1st. The tech titan has posted the first trailers (only visible on its website right now) for Ghostwriter and Helpsters, both of which will cater to the younger crowd. Ghostwriter is a re-do of the 1990s TV series that has a team of kids solving mysteries when a ghost starts releasing famous literary characters into the real world -- including Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit, as the preview clip makes clear. Helpsters, meanwhile, teaches kids problem-solving skills through friendly monsters.

You're probably not going to sign up for Apple TV+ (if you don't get it for free) specifically for these two shows. This does, however, illustrate the breadth of the streaming service's initial catalog. Apple is trying to court as many people as possible from the outset, rather than focusing only on specific age groups or genres.

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