Aston Martin’s rearview mirror shows three video feeds simultaneously

The automaker will show off a prototype of the unit at CES.

For the last couple of years, automakers of all stripes have been integrating cameras into their cars to make it easier for drivers to see what's happening around them. Nissan and Cadillac, for example, have offered camera-based rearview mirrors since 2015. British automaker Aston Martin, however, thinks there's still a place for the humble mirror.

At CES next week, the company plans to show off a hybrid rearview mirror that integrates three cameras. Called the Full Display Mirror (FDM), the company developed the unit with help from Gentex Corporation, an auto parts manufacturer based out of Michigan. The unit can three different video feeds simultaneously, allowing you to see what's behind you and your blind spots at the same time.

Aston Martin side mirror

The two side cameras are built into the car's exterior mirrors, while the rearview one is mounted on the roof. If they malfunction or you're driving through inclement weather, you can instead use the display as an auto-dimming mirror. It's also possible to tweak the unit to show a combination of mirror and camera views, if that's what you prefer. Another nifty feature is that the unit will automatically alter the three video feeds from the external cameras anytime you adjust its position.

The two companies plan to show off a prototype of the Full Display Mirror inside an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. While the automaker didn't say when it plans to roll out the technology to its production vehicles, it integrated a single camera variant of the unit inside the 2020 DBS GT Zagato.