Cadillac's live virtual showroom is available in all 50 states

Just in time to help you avoid getting sick.

Cadillac's virtual showroom is now widely available, and it might have expanded just in time. The automaker has announced that Cadillac Live is available in all 50 states, and gives you a chance to check out the 2021 Escalade as well. Like before, you can get one-on-one video sessions with agents to take a look at vehicles, explore options and ask questions almost as if you were at a dealership. You still can't buy a car online, unfortunately, but it beats contorting your schedule to fit a dealer's hours.

While a national rollout was expected, it's also convenient. Although the coronavirus outbreak hasn't affected the US quite as much as some countries, it might make you skittish about in-person shopping trips -- especially if you're not counting on leaving with the keys to a new car. While you'll still have to show up at some point, this could keep the risks to a minimum.