Musicians can power their Twitch streams with Dolby audio on iOS

Dolby has also released an Android version of the Dolby On app.

With their touring schedules on hold for the time being, many musicians are turning to Twitch to stream gigs from home and try to make a living. While they might have all the recording gear and instruments they need, they might not necessarily have a high-end livestreaming setup. Dolby On might prove to be the answer for them following the latest update to the iOS app.

The app is designed to help musicians, and anyone else who works with audio and video, record high-quality sound using Dolby's tech wherever they might be. As of today, you can stream on Twitch in Dolby sound directly from the app. Dolby On already offered a Facebook Live broadcasting option, but Twitch is the biggest livestreaming service around right now and musicians may find easier to earn some income there than on other platforms.

In addition to the Twitch integration, Dolby has rolled out an Android version of Dolby On. The app is available for free on iOS and Android.

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