Funimation will replace 'Akira' 4K Blu-ray discs to add HDR

The remastered 4K 'Akira' Ultra HD Blu-ray is here, but it won't be complete until next year.


I’ve been anticipating the release of Akira on Ultra HD Blu-ray since it was announced in 2019, and this week the discs finally shipped but there’s one small problem. While the release of this remastered anime classic in Japan includes HDR as intended, the discs shipped to customers in the UK and US do not have the expanded color and contrast of HDR 10 to go with the 4K resolution.

However, whether you received your disc on day one or found it under the tree, you can get a replacement copy with HDR. Funimation has said it will issue discs with the film formatted as we expected to see it in February 2021. If you have your receipt or confirmation email, you can get a free replacement by sending an email, and if you don’t then you’ll need to send your disc in first.

It’s not great that customers have to do the work to fix a problem that never should’ve happened, but at least we’re only a few weeks away from getting the 4K HDR experience we expected. Otherwise, the special features and included booklet are impressive and feel worth the $37.99 price, but only if the follow-up disc corrects Akira’s missing HDR problem.


For those of you who would like to request the 4K HDR version of AKIRA, please send an email to (US/CA) or (UK/IRE) with “AKIRA 4K” as the subject, and provide your name, mailing address, email address and proof of purchase (receipt or confirmation email and photo of the disc).

If you’re unable to provide a receipt or confirmation email as proof of purchase, you will be requested to send your current disc to Funimation. So fret not if you get the AKIRA 4K Limited Edition for Christmas, you can still upgrade your disc!

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