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Amazon's latest Echo Buds fall to a new all-time low of $35 in early Prime Day deal

The earbuds only started shipping in early June.


You can grab Amazon's third-generation Echo Buds for $35 right now if you're a Prime member. That's a substantial price drop for a $50 product that launched in May and only started shipping on June 7th. The wireless earbuds are already cheaper than their predecessors, but this makes them an even more attractive option if you're looking for an affordable pair. Amazon gave the new Echo Buds a completely different design from earlier versions and adopted an AirPods-like stickbud aesthetic. The company describes the new earbuds as "semi in-ear," most likely because their silicone buds don't form a tight seal to keep ambient sounds out.

Amazon's new Echo Buds are $15 off right now for Prime members.

Save $15 with Prime
$35 at Amazon

Amazon says the earbuds can reduce outside noise, but they let in enough sounds to keep you connected to your surroundings. They can play up to five hours of music non-stop and can last for up to 20 hours with the charging case before you need to plug them in. If you run out battery and need to use them ASAP, they can last up to two hours with a 15-minute quick charge.

The earbuds can seamlessly switch their connection, so you can quickly move between two different devices. They have customizable tap controls, but they also have Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant support, allowing you to issue voice commands to cue music, listen to audiobooks, make calls and set reminders, among other things. In addition, they feature dual connect, which means you can use just one earbud if you want.

If you'd prefer earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation, Amazon's second-generation Echo Buds are also on sale if you're a Prime member. They're currently selling for $65, down 46 percent from their regular price of $120. Both are merely early Prime Day deals for members paying for the monthly subscription service — the actual event kicks off at July 11th and ends on July 12th.

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