Best of CES Awards 2018

Welcome to Engadget's 2018 Best of CES Awards hub!

Welcome to Engadget's 2018 Best of CES Awards hub!

We can't wait to see all that this year's tech fest has to offer, and we're thrilled to be the CTA's official partner for curating the best of the best live from the show floor. January may still be a couple of months away, but the countdown starts now.

We're opening up the floodgates for companies to nominate their top products launching at the CES 2018 for consideration. We will of course honor all NDAs for embargoed products leading up to the show, and have provided clear and transparent guidelines about the editorial process behind the awards so that nominees and CES fans alike will know exactly what to expect.

How to nominate:

Companies: Have a product you'd like to submit for consideration? First, be sure to familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements and the editorial process for the Awards. Next, please fill out this submission form and follow the guidelines to completing your submission. Our editorial team will be selecting winners in 17 of the 18 following categories, with the People’s Choice Award to be determined via Engadget reader vote:

  • Best Accessibility Tech: Technology that helps those with disabilities achieve healthier and more independent lives.
  • Best Startup: The startup showing great sophistication and innovation while also demonstrating a clear path to real-world availability. Eureka Park will be a focus.
  • Best Digital Health and Fitness Product: A product exhibiting the most innovative use of technology to improve users’ health and well-being. Example products include smart scales and activity monitors.
  • Best Wearable: The best gadget at the show that can be worn on your person. Examples include smart watches, augmented reality glasses and any piece of wearable item (be it socks or shorts) that have sensors in them.
  • Best Transportation Technology: Technology related to the ever-advancing science of getting from here to there. Example products include infotainment systems and advances in self-driving technology.
  • Best Home Theater Product: This award is all about home entertainment. Example products include set top boxes, streaming players, tuners, audio systems and more.
  • Best (Connected) Home Product: A product that belongs in the connected home. Example includes smart refrigerators, connected thermostats and smart lighting.
  • Best Innovation (Disruptive Tech): The product or service that challenges the status quo with its innovative twist on technology.
  • Best Phone or Mobile Device: The smartphone or related mobile device that most impresses with its combination of specifications, design and overall ability.
  • Best TV product: The television that is deemed the best in terms of display, design and overall quality, or the product that might most revolutionize your use of that screen.
  • Best Gaming Product: The product that best moves forward the broad field of gaming. Example products include game-specific tablets and PCs, video game consoles, controllers and gaming services.
  • Best Unexpected Product: The product that turns heads on the International CES show floor without necessarily fitting into any defined product category. This product may not be the best of the best at the show, but it will be one of the most talked-about.
  • Best Sports Tech: The product that changes the game, quite literally. These products will be found on the court, the field, the track or at the gym.
  • Best PC or Tablet: The best laptop, desktop or tablet, judged based on its design and specifications.
  • Best Robot or Drone: A drone or robot that is deemed the best of this unique category.
  • Best Vision of the Future (Smart City): This category focuses on products designed to improve entire communities through the use of technology, shaping the way we will all live in the future. They may include technologically advanced public transportation solutions, smart streetlights or improvements to the power grid.
  • Best of the Best Award: The device, service or technology in any category that stands clearly above the rest, judged based on its innovation and design quality.
  • People’s Choice Award: The product from this year’s show that most captured the hearts and minds of our readers. The winner will be determined by viewers and readers.
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