Boost Mobile's Deion Sanders-themed Moto Razr is a gold-rimmed motivation machine

Time is a wonderful storyteller.

Boost Mobile/Motorola

Hey, you! Yes. you. Do you need some extra motivation to reach your goals or just to get your chores done? Then perhaps you could use some inspiring words from one of the most successful multisport athletes of all time, direct to your foldable telephone.

Boost Mobile will soon offer a limited-edition, Deion Sanders-themed Moto Razr. The phone has a black and gold finish (which kind of looks nice?), along with Sanders' "You Gotta Believe" mantra and his signature. If that's not enough to get you chasing after your dreams, you'll also receive weekly motivational messages from Sanders (aka Coach Prime).

Sanders played in the NFL and MLB simultaneously. He's the only athlete ever to play in a Super Bowl — which he won twice — and the World Series. If anyone knows a thing or two about success, it's this guy.

So if you're looking for some words of wisdom to help you take the next step toward your life, love, work and/or fitness goals, having Sanders deliver them straight to your phone might be the way to go if you're so inclined. Boost hasn't revealed how much the phone will cost, but for a certain person, it may be simply priceless. For everyone else, there's YouTube.