Capture One's photo-editing app arrives on iPhone

The Lightroom alternative was previously available on Windows, Mac and iPad.

Gabija Morkūnaitė/Capture One

Capture One has brought its eponymous photography app to the iPhone. Photographers can connect their camera to their phone and shoot images directly to the app. Capture One works with more than 500 cameras, the company says, including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Leica and Sigma models.

The app can automatically apply edits to images as your camera sends them to your iPhone. As such, Capture One suggests, photographers can swiftly provide their clients with edited images. You can plan ahead by creating styles on Capture One's desktop or iPad apps and AirDropping them to your iPhone.

Capture One enables photographers to share a live link of a shoot with their colleagues, who can follow along in real time whether they're remote or on location. The company suggests this will allow collaborators to quickly select their favorite shots and provide feedback from any device, wherever they might be.

A person uses a photo-editing app on an iPhone.
Gabija Morkūnaitė/Capture One

Other features of the app include RAW conversion and color processing. You'll be able to transfer shots via the cloud to Capture One Pro and finish editing on your desktop. Capture One says ratings, color tags and edits will remain intact when you transfer your images. You can export images from the app however you like, the company said, including to an external SSD.

Capture One, which is an increasingly popular Lightroom alternative, is available in the App Store now. A subscription costs $5 per month after a seven-day trial, but users who have the iPad app or the All in One bundle can use Capture One on iPhone at no extra cost.