'Ghost of Tsushima' has another patch on the way soon

A patch for the 1.1 'Ghost of Tsushima' update will address network errors and other issues.


The 1.1 update for Sucker Punch’s excellent Ghost of Tsushima only just arrived, and PS4 gamers are already enjoying the New Game+ experience and co-op modes (as well as, presumably, petting every single dog). However, bringing the game online has introduced a few new issues, with players reporting frequent PSN / network connection warning pop-ups during play. Others have had issues with unlocking certain content or trophies, as well as with the amulets in their armor.

The developers have already responded, saying a new patch is on the way “soon” to address the issues. Meanwhile, players are overwhelmingly showing positive reactions to the update, as they plow through one of the last great games of the generation, again.