How UK fans can watch the first ever Premier League stream on Twitch

Crystal Palace v Burnley kicks off at 7.30pm BST.

Reuters Staff / Reuters

The first ever Premier league football match to stream on Twitch will air tonight, with Crystal Palace versus Burnley at 7:30pm BST. The game — which will be streamed on Twitch by Amazon UK — marks a significant evolution for the platform, which until now has been primarily designed for video games and esports. We’ve seen football on Twitch before, but not in a competition the size of the Premier league.

The move also demonstrates a concerted effort by Amazon to get its football coverage in front of a wider audience. The company is already streaming some Premier League matches (including Crystal Palace versus Burnley) for free on Prime, presumably in a bid position itself as a legitimate destination for sports — airing games on Twitch gives would-be Prime subscribers more flexibility. At this stage, however, Amazon’s games will only be streaming on Twitch for UK users, although if it proves successful we could see a similar model roll out to sports in the US, too. Follow the PrimeVideo channel on Twitch to watch along.


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