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iRobot's Roomba j7 robot vacuum is cheaper than ever ahead of Black Friday

Save up to $250 on the company's machine with "pet-poop detection."

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

Update 11/20/22: Amazon has matched the $349 sale price on the Roomba j7, as well as the $599 sale price on the Roomba j7+.

While you may have a big list of gifts to get for others over the next couple of weeks, now is a good time to pick up things for yourself as well. There's arguably no better time of the year to pick up expensive gadgets like robot vacuums since most of them will be on sale. Wellbots is kicking things off early this year in the smart home space by discounting both the iRobot j7 and j7+ vacuums, bringing them down to $349 and $599, respectively, when you use the codes ENG250 and ENG200 at checkout.

Buy Roomba j7 at Wellbots - $349Buy Roomba j7+ at Wellbots - $599

These are essentially the same robot vacuum, but the "plus" variant comes with a clean base. If you're unfamiliar, clean bases are basically garbage cans attached to the robot's charging base, and the vacuum will automatically empty its bin into the base after each job. If vacuuming is one of your least favorite chores, getting a robo-vac with a clean base makes it so you only have to interact with your cleaning robot once a month or so when you need to change out the base's bag.

The Roomba j7 series came out last year and it features upgraded AI-driven computer vision that gives it improved obstacle avoidance. It'll maneuver its way around chairs, table legs and more with ease, plus that enhanced technology should help it avoid an instances of a robo-vac's worst enemy: pet poop. The j7 earned a spot in our best robot vacuum guide for its solid obstacle avoidance, plus its strong suction power, accurate home mapping and the ease of use of its companion app. iRobot's mobile app will be easy for even novices to learn, and it lets you set cleaning schedules, remotely control the vacuum and more from anywhere.

In this sale, the $600 Roomba j7+ is the same price as the j7 usually is without the clean base, which makes the higher-end configuration even more compelling. However, if you're on a tighter budget, you can skip the clean base and get all of the same cleaning technology for only $350.

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