The Morning After: Oscar Isaac is going to play Solid Snake

The 'Metal Gear Solid' movie has its star, and The Boring Company shows what it's been up to in Las Vegas.

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Proving that some things will always stay the same, Apple dropped in a Friday night announcement about iPhone 11 screen repairs. If your device is one of the “small percentage” of units that experiences touch issues due to an issue with the display module, then you can plug its serial number into the support site to find out if you’re in line for a free replacement.

Warner Bros.

However, I’m still stuck on the big HBO news. I don’t think that simultaneous HBO Max releases are the future of big budget movie debuts beyond next year, but the old system of exclusive theatrical release windows is also unlikely to return post-pandemic. Meanwhile, HBO Max has shrewdly pulled the plug on free trials ahead of a Wonder Woman 1984 debut on Christmas. I didn’t think anyone could take on Netflix’s original content library this quickly, but Dune and Matrix 4 are enough to make me think about changing up my mix of subscriptions

-- Richard Lawler

P.S. Keep an eye out this afternoon as Japan’s Hayabusa2 asteroid-sampling spacecraft returns to Earth.

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Tech tips to make dating, relationships and breakups easier

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This week, Cherlynn is joined by senior editor Jessica Conditt and special guest Harris O’Malley aka Dr. NerdLove to talk all about the ways tech affects dating, relationships and breakups.

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The best Cyber Week tech deals you can still get today

Aukey’s GaN Omnia 100W USB-C charger is down to $30.


Some of our favorite Cyber Monday sales are still going: you can still grab a high-end Roomba for hundreds of dollars off, a pair of solid Sony headphones still sit under $100 and a bunch of storage solutions remain on sale, too.

Here are all the best deals from the week that you can still snag today, and remember to follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter for more updates.
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Oscar Isaac will play Solid Snake in a 'Metal Gear Solid' movie

He’s already set to star in the Marvel/Disney+ series ‘Moon Knight.’

JOSH BROLIN as Gurney Halleck and OSCAR ISAAC as Duke Leto Atreides

In what appears to be an example of casting yourself for the part you want, actor Oscar Isaac is set to take the starring role in a Metal Gear Solid movie. In March 2019 during a press run for another movie Isaac said he was “throwing his hat in” for the part, and now it’s his.
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The Boring Company offers a look inside a Las Vegas loop station

Tunnel rave.

The Boring Company

On Twitter, the company shared a short clip showing off one of the underground stations it’s building as part of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) loop.
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