OnePlus 12 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will debut in China on December 5

Global launch announcement to follow soon.


As OnePlus approaches its 10th anniversary in December, it's launching a new flagship phone in Shenzhen, China at 2:30PM on December 5 (local time) to mark the occasion. The brand's official China website revealed the upcoming OnePlus 12 with a striking resemblance to its predecessor, though the camera island's color now matches that of the body — much like the similar-looking Ace 2 Pro. In addition to the glossy white and classic matt black options, the updated green design will come in what appears to be a matt marble look, as opposed to the previous plain glossy finish.

According to our sister site Yahoo Tech HK, OnePlus has already shared some key specs over multiple Weibo posts earlier. These include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor (no surprises there), a new Sony LYT-808 sensor for the 50-megapixel main camera and a 64-megapixel, 3X periscopic telephoto camera — both with Hasselblad's magical touch, as usual. Other tidbits include a 2K display panel from China's BOE, the iconic alert slider, wireless charging, infrared remote and touch optimization under rainfall — another feature inherited from the Ace 2 Pro.

OnePlus 12

Little else is known about the OnePlus 12 for now, but we'll know more in about a week's time. As for the rest of you outside China, OnePlus has told Engadget that a global launch date will be announced on December 15. Stay tuned as we keep a close eye on the latest development.

Update 12/5/23 4:47AM ET: The OnePlus 12 is available in China with a price range of 4,299 yuan (about $610; 12GB RAM with 256GB storage) to 5,799 yuan (around $820; 24GB RAM with 1TB storage), according to sister site Yahoo Tech HK. This device will also be headed to the global market in early 2024, according to the company.

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