Qualcomm's improved Snapdragon XR2+ chip for VR headsets will debut at CES 2024

There are slight CPU and GPU boosts, 4K visuals and quicker passthrough access.


Qualcomm will be bringing a new VR/MR chip to CES 2024 in Las Vegas next week. The Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 is an update to the standard XR2 Gen 2 that was revealed back in September. The chip is intended for use in virtual reality headsets, mixed-reality headsets and other wearables.

The Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 supports 4.3K per eye resolution, compared to 3K per eye with the previous version, and can integrate with up to 12 cameras at once, up from 10, for passthrough and body tracking. To that end, Qualcomm promises that devices with this chip will be able to enter full-color passthrough in less than 12ms.

All of the various specs of this chip.

As for standard specs, the XR2+ Gen 2 will be able to handle content up to 90 fps. This chip also represents an improvement in raw power, with an approximate CPU speed increase of 20 percent and a GPU increase of 15 percent compared to last year’s chip. It’s worth noting that all of this is on one chip to preserve space. There’s not a lot of room for this stuff in many VR headsets.

Qualcomm is bringing just the chip to CES and hasn’t announced any devices to go along with it. It has, however, said that it’s working on something with Samsung and Google that will involve the XR2+ Gen 2. The previous XR2 Gen 2 chip powers the recently launched Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset, so this upgrade should allow for even beefier standalone headsets in the near future.

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