Snapchat can now scan food and wine labels

Snap wants you to use its camera for more than just selfies.


Snapchat is adding food and wine labels to its visual search lineup. The app’s in-app camera can now scan packaged food and wine labels to surface nutritional info and tasting notes.

The features are similar to what you’d find in standalone food and wine apps. Point the camera at a barcode and Snapchat will display some basic nutritional details as well as an analysis of its relative “health” benefits (provided by nutrition app Yuka). Likewise, “scan” a bottle of wine and you’ll get a pop-up from wine app Vivino with a price, rating and some tasting notes.

Snapchat will tell you about the bottle of wine you're holding.

Snapchat has been slowly building out its camera-based search features for a few years. Besides the new food and wine additions, you can also use the camera to identify plants and dog breeds, solve math equations, look up Amazon products and Shazam music. These might not seem like the most necessary features (or ones you’d associate with an app known for goofy face filters) but Snapchat’s “scan” abilities is part of the company’s quest to make its camera more useful as it builds out its augmented reality platform.