• Ricoh unveils CX5 with hybrid AF, continues tradition of subtle improvements

    Christopher Trout
    Christopher Trout

    The folks at Ricoh have dependable predictability down pat, and the CX5's specs are, for the most part, nothing new. We've talked up the CX line of compact superzooms since the release of the CX1 almost two years ago, and we've watched the company fine-tune the already impressive camera with each new edition. Every incarnation of the CX series is just a tad better than the last: you might recall the CX4 didn't make any big changes, either. The CX5 offers few marked signs of improvement (at least on paper) over its predecessor, but it does sport a hybrid AF that combines a distance sensor with contrast detection to bring focus rates down to two-tenths of a second: twice as fast as the CX4. Other than that -- you guessed it -- the CX5 sports the same specs as its predecessor (unless you count the addition of a "continuous golf swing" mode). So, if you're looking for a big step up from your CX4, you might want to wait for the next generation. Then again, we can't guarantee Ricoh will break with tradition.