YouTube TV gets a 1080p Enhanced option that offers better video quality

The company says it's the "highest video quality" it can offer.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

YouTube TV users are getting a higher-quality video option for everything from binging their favorite shows to catching a live game. Google is rolling out a new setting called 1080p Enhanced for YouTube TV and Primetime Channels subscribers. The 1080p Enhanced setting improves on the existing 1080p60 resolution with its upgraded bitrate.

Google confirmed the update after a Reddit user posted about it on the platform. The 1080p Enhanced setting "delivers our highest video quality," according to the response. Reddit users who already have access to 1080p Enhanced report that the resolution is available for all of the same channels as 1080p60, such as Paramount and Syfy. The 1080p Enhanced option also follows YouTube Premium, which boosted video quality for subscribers on the company's original platform.

In this case, any YouTube TV and Primetime Channels subscribers with an updated 4K-compatible streaming device should gain access to the option by accessing video quality settings. However, Google has discovered a bug that stops users from manually choosing 1080p Enhanced. However, the company reports that the bug doesn't impact picture quality and that it is working to fix the problem.