The Bill Gates Engadgethology

As part of our ongoing Bill Gates Day coverage, we present to you the Bill Engadgethology. This is by no means every Gates-related story from over the years -- just the choicest cuts from Club Bill Gates.

Bill and us
The Engadget Interview: Bill Gates, Part 1
The Engadget Interview: Bill Gates, Part 2
The Engadget Interview: Bill Gates (again!)
Bill Gates, Engadget reader
A lunchtime chat with Bill Gates at CES
Bill Gates: the exit interview

Bill Gates live
Bill Gates: Live at Microsoft's Digital Entertainment Anywhere Event
In real time: Engadget live from the Bill Gates 2005 CES Keynote at the Las Vegas Hilton
Live coverage of Bill Gates CES keynote
Live from the Bill Gates keynote
Live at the Windows Vista launch event
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: Historic discussion live from D 2007 -> Poll: Jobs and Gates sit down in an alternate reality
Bill Gates: live at his 12th and final CES keynote
Live from D: Gates and Ballmer debut Windows 7

Bill in high society
Bill Gates to get knighted -> Bill Gates getting knighted
Bill Gates the dropout to receive honorary Harvard degree, will finally be able to do something with his life
Bill Gates gets Harvard degree, not at all smug about it

Bill vs. "PC"
"I'm a PC." "And I'm also a PC.": Gates vs. Hodgman on Daily Show tomorrow?
Bill Gates on Mac ads: "I don't even get it"
AdAge asks Gates about Hodgman to ill effect

More Bill after the break. Photo by Brennanator.

Job hunting
Bill Gates quitting day-to-day duties at Microsoft
Video: Bill Gates is looking for a job -- fruitlessly
Did Bill Gates find a job?

Say what?
Gates: the end of the iPod is near
Bill Gates sez Blu-ray is "very anti-consumer"
Bill Gates has his say of things
CE-Oh no he didn't! Part IX - Gates watches pirated videos
Gates praises iPod, labels Zune a "modest" competitor
CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XVIII - Gates sez Sony "bricks" would sell well
CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XXI : Gates tells consumers to ditch DRMed tunes, buy CDs
Last week's keynotes dissected, Steve Jobs wins over the preschooler set
CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XXIII - Gates: "security guys break the Mac every single day"
Gates sez: "Yeah, we're early on the video thing."

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Limited Numbered Signature Edition (seriously)
Windows 7 to arrive next year, says Bill Gates -> Windows 7 still slated for 2010 says Microsoft, Bill Gates just crazy-talking
2003 Bill Gates email reveals frustrations with Windows XP

Even happier ending for "cleaned" Xbox 360 owner: Gates-signed console arrives
Bill Gates gives mother of pearl-clad Xbox 360 to South Korean President

All Bill, all the time
Romanian prez to Gates: Windows piracy built this country
Bill Gates clamps down on daughter's internet time
Gates to become richest man in space?
Open source protestor crashes Bill Gates' speech in China
Bill Gates' sperm: second most-wanted in China
Carlos Slim edges out Bill "Fatty Fat Fat" Gates as world's richest person
Sarajevo cafe named "Club Bill Gates"
Bill Gates backs Probo, the huggable children's robot
Bill Gates: philanthropist, nerd, beer baron
Gates and space-ace Simonyi gift $30m for giant telescope
"Study" finds half of Americans want to be Bill Gates
Holographic Bill Gates terrorizes Kuala Lumpur tech conference
Microsoft, then and now