iPhone modded with titanium back

Everyone's saying that the next version of the iPhone will have a case upgrade, but Martin Schrotz couldn't wait -- he encased his iPhone 3GS in titanium, and Engadget has a gallery of pictures of the ubercool mod. I thought he had actually put the titanium cover over the plastic back, but apparently he went whole hog and actually removed the back cover and replaced it with this one. The design isn't quite perfect (though it looks great for a one-man mod, don't get me wrong) -- the logo is a tad too big, and the metal looks a little homemade to be Apple's actual brushed metal -- but it is much cleaner than the current plastic design.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the iPhone's next revision does take away a lot from the iPad. Hopefully not just in the hardware, either -- a cool metal back would be great, but I'd like to see the firmware overhauled as well.