NC State discovery finds optimal connections 10,000 times more quickly, ResNet admins do a double take

Ever wondered how just one message in an average Chatroulette session finds its way to whatever destination fate may deem suitable? Sure you have. As it stands, every single pulse from your Ethernet socket starts its initial journey by hunting for an optimal connection path; in some cases, that involves routing through massive ring networks crossing over untold miles of fiber optic cabling. Using traditional techniques, nailing down an optimal solution for a ring can take eons (or days, whichever you prefer), but there's a new methodology coming out of NC State's den that could enable the same type of scenario to reach its natural conclusion 10,000 times faster. Dr. George Rouskas, a computer science professor and proud Wolfpacker, has just published a new paper describing the scheme, with the focal point being a "mathematical model that identifies the exact optimal routes and wavelengths for ring network designers." More technobabble surrounding the discovery can be found in the source link below, but unfortunately, there's no telling how long it'll take your impending click to be addressed using conventional means. Here's to the future, eh?