Trio of US Samsung Galaxy S II models get together for a group photo?

Gaze closely at the above picture. Is this classy-looking bunch of phones the actual trio of Galaxy S II devices we expect to see unveiled at Samsung's press event this coming Monday? If so, our mouths are commencing salivation as we speak. From the looks of it, the Samsung Hercules, Epic Touch 4G and Attain are shown off hanging out together in full disclosure. Granted, we've seen the T-Mobile and Sprint versions before, so this image simply verifies what we've already seen. The big reveal, however, is the look of AT&T's variant -- a device that's managed to do the best job at playing hide-and-seek -- which appears to be eerily similar to a leaked render we encountered in June. We're only a matter of days away from knowing for sure, but this will definitely get your weekend started off on the right foot.