Unannounced Nokia Symbian Belle handset is a mysterious phone within a phone (video)

Half the fun of trade shows is when unexpected beans get spilled at PR stalls and here, my dear Watson, we have another intriguing example. A pundit picked up a new Nokia 700 at IFA and was confronted with a stored promo video depicting a totally different and unfamiliar high-end handset. It looks slightly curved like the N9, runs the latest version of Symbian and possesses a rather attractive edge-to-edge LCD. The main gist of the promo is a wireless platform called Air Cloud, which apparently allows the phone to pair up with an audio system via NFC. Word on the street is this could be the N8's successor -- the so-called 801 -- but there's not a great many clues to back that up. In any case, check out the video after the break and savor that fleeting sense of infinite regress.

Update: Sherlock may have run away with himself slightly here. reckons it got a comment from someone at Nokia who said the phone is just a concept, made for the purpose of illustrating Air Cloud. Guess that edge-to-edge screen was too good to be true.