HTC Titan arrives on AT&T: pocket-straining Windows Phone for $200 on contract

While Europeans have been filling their pockets with this dark, handsome smartphone for over a month, the HTC Titan has finally stepped across the Atlantic and is up for sale on AT&T. Windows Phone 7.5 is in attendance, spread across a 4.7-inch screen, the most display real estate it's ever had the pleasure to frolic upon. We made it pretty clear in our full review that you'll be getting a beautifully crafted slice of smartphone here -- if you can wrap your hands around it. It's priced pretty solidly at $200 on a two-year contract, or $550 for anyone not a fan of the pay-monthly schtick.

The phone towers over the rest of AT&T's Fall collection, also available now. This includes the Pantech Pocket and Samsung Doubletime, both marked up at $50 on contract, while shoppers looking for another QWERTY option might also be tempted by Samsung's Captivate Glide, which will set you back $150 plus a two-year sign-up. If any of these wildly differing models (and prices) have you wanting more info, you can pay AT&T a visit at the source link below.