HBO Go on Xbox 360 may be coming soon for Comcast customers

The rollout of HBO Go to connected TV devices hasn't been entirely smooth, while a lack of surround sound leaves Ben-o-vision incomplete many users are locked out because their providers don't allow access. Last week the new Xbox 360 app was the most recent casualty but the New York Times is reporting that could change soon for Comcast subscribers, who already have access to some, but not all HBO Go content via the Xfinity TV app. Multichannel News sources indicate access could open up this week, now that "other business issues" between Comcast and HBO including how subscriber information is handled with third parties have been cleared up. Unfortunately, there's still no word on streaming access for Time Warner Cable customers, or for access on Roku and Samsung devices, but we'll see if this gets resolved in time for the next episode of Game of Thrones.