Toshiba's 55XS5 brings quad HD without the glasses-free 3D tech to Japan in June

While we're still waiting for Toshiba to deliver its top of the line 55X3 HDTV with 4K resolution and glasses-free 3D technology here in the US, it just announced a step-down model in Japan. The Regza 55XS5 keeps the 3840 x 2160 LCD panel, but switches to edge LED lighting instead of local dimming and drops 3D altogether, autostereoscopic or otherwise. There's a CEVO Duo image processing engine inside the slimmed-down frame upconverting your standard HDTV res inputs to QFHD, as well as support for apps and USB hard drive for recording broadcasts. This model should ship in June on the other side of the Pacific for an "open price" expected to be around 750,000 yen ($9,410 US), slightly lower than the X3's 900,00 yen launch price last December. So, still hanging on for an 8K Super Hi-Vision model, or is this resolution high enough for you?