DirecTV quietly shifts n3D channel from 24/7 to part-time broadcasts

Nearly two years after launching its n3D channel broadcasting 3D content around the clock, DirecTV has reduced the channel to part-time programing hours as of June 1st. Whether the change is due to a lack of fresh content or viewer adoption is unclear and DirecTV's bland statement about waiting for both to grow doesn't hint either way, that the change had gone largely unreported for nearly a month does not bode well. In the meantime, 3Net and ESPN 3D continue to broadcast unabated with the latter going live from Wimbledon this week, and DirecTV has confirmed it will be airing tape delayed 3D footage from the Olympics provided by NBC this summer. After seeing all the early HD-only channels fall by the wayside we're not at all surprised to see this one go dark at least part-time, but the question will be whether 3D uptake is fast enough to keep broadcasters interested going forward.

[Thanks, KM]