BMW's C Evolution electric scooter does 62 miles on a charge, maxes out at 75 mph

All things considered, we think it's safe to say BMW very rarely disappoints with its latest road-friendly creations, and one of the outfit's most recent concoctions is this eco-friendly C Evolution electric scooter. According to the German company, the prototype two-wheeler's quite close to hitting its final production stages, noting "it might soon become a part of everyday road traffic in cities throughout the world" and that it is "outstanding in terms of performance, functionality and design." On paper, the C Evolution appears to be rather promising, with BMW also claiming the environmental hog can ride out about 62 miles on a single charge -- all while being able to reach max speeds of around 75 mph. No word yet on how much you'll have to save up for one of these, but for now, there's a video of the C Evo in action waiting on you just past the break.