Unlike the cake, Portal on a TI calculator is not a lie (video)

People have been using scientific calculators as math class distractions for years, from gunning down Nazis in Wolfenstein to hunting demons in Doom. But our jaws dropped in amazement when we discovered that an enterprising fellow that goes by Builderboy from Omnimaga has ported over Portal to the humble number cruncher. Dubbed Portal Prelude, the monochrome game is built only for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus series of graphing calculators and was based on the Flash clone of the popular video game due to the two-dimensional nature of the platform. Sure, it's not as engaging as the genuine article, but seeing as it's the only portable version of the game we know of, we'll take it. Indeed, you can go ahead and download it right now if you have a compatible calculator. In the meantime, we're eagerly waiting to see how this could be rejiggered to take advantage of the color display of the TI-84+. You can take a peek at the demo video after the break.