Engadget's top posts for 2012

So, are sugar plum fairies dancing in your head yet? Us neither, so how about those always-popular year-end lists? It's time to re-raise a toast to that tradition here at Engadget with a look at the top articles over the last 12 months as voted on by you, dear readers. If you're drawing a blank about any such ballot-casting, you did it with each duly noted click -- meaning that, Kumbaya-style, our list is also your list. Overall, 2012 was a red-letter year at Engadget as we unveiled a snappy fresh look (literally and visually), changed to a new commenting system, added the poshly accented Eurocast and generally kicked butt with more features, liveblogs and scoops than ever -- all of which is reflected in (woot!) our largest all-time yearly readership. After a couple of years off, we're re-booting the top yearly post tradition, so without further ado, here's a list of the articles that brought the biggest page-view ruckus in 2012.

Top 20 most trafficked posts of 2012, in order:

1. Apple's next-generation iPad liveblog
2. Apple's next-generation iPhone liveblog
3. Apple's 2012 WWDC liveblog
4. Apple's iPad mini liveblog
5. Live from Amazon's Santa Monica press conference
6. Live from Apple's education event
7. Samsung's Mobile Unpacked liveblog
8. Microsoft's major announcement liveblog
9. Live from Microsoft's Windows 8 press event at Mobile World Congress 2012
10. Google's I/O keynote 2012 liveblog
11. Live from Microsoft's 'sneak peek' at Windows Phone
12. Engadget Live: 'Ask me anything' Q&A with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop
13. Live from Microsoft's E3 2012 keynote
14. The Windows Phone 8 event liveblog
15. Live from the HTC press conference at MWC 2012
16. Live from Blackberry Jam Americas 2012
17. Live from Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2012
18. Live from the Nokia press conference at MWC 2012
19. Nexus 7 review: the best $200 tablet you can buy
20. iPhone 5 review

15,514 - total number of posts for 2012
1,039 - number of hands-on posts
246 - number of Engadget reviews
48 - number of liveblogs
10 - number of Engadget shows