Roku 4200X appears in FCC filing, shows off smaller footprint

The last time Roku properly refreshed its line of media streamers was back in 2011 with the Roku 2 series but we're apparently in for at least one new addition, if not a whole new line. This 4200X (the current players are in the 2000/3000 series) just popped up in the FCC's database, although most of the juicy information was withheld. Still, as seen above, its measurements indicate a box that's just 2.25-inches on each side, smaller than the current top of the line Roku 2 XS which is 3.3-inches long on each side. Other than WiFi with 2 and 5GHz bands we didn't uncover much else, although we wonder what the company may add in a new model.

One possibility is the (official) YouTube channel we've been waiting for since 2011, which CEO Anthony Wood recently told analyst Michael Wolf "isn't far away", but would require new hardware. Otherwise, the current boxes have 1080p output, more than 700 channels, and a Bluetooth gaming remote on the high-end units. Previous FCC leaks of the 2 and refreshed HD saw official launches within weeks, so we should know more about this new version pretty soon.