Showyou video discovery app announces new channel platform for creators

More and more video discovery apps are starting to pop up, with even big-name brands such as Samsung joining the race to have the best offering out there. But while this particular field is still relatively young, startups like Showyou are already thinking ahead by launching creator-focused programs of their own. With the newly minted Showyou Channels, the service is taking a slight cue from sites who are familiar with creating and distributing videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), announcing that the idea is to provide users with a hub where they can make original content and easily share it with the world. What's more, Showyou also has a revenue model in place which allows people to make a little cash from their vids, though that won't necessarily be a requirement. Only time will tell how far Showyou can go, but, if anything, we're definitely interested in seeing how its evolution plays out.