Journey through the cosmos with In Saturn's Rings, heading to IMAX in 2014 (video)

Ever since NASA's Cassini-Huygens spacecraft entered Saturn's orbit in 2004, filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren has been enthralled with its progress. So much so that he's spent years collecting over a million insanely high-res photos from Cassini's mission and quilted them together into a 45-minute film called In Saturn's Rings. Without relying on CGI or fancy visual effects, van Vuuren has patched together a seamless visual journey through our solar system, culminating in a breathtaking view of Saturn's rings and moons. Distributed by BIG & Digital, the movie is expected to make its way to IMAX theaters sometime in 2014, though there's no word yet on a specific release date. The first official trailer dropped today, and you can watch it -- in 4K if you've got the right screen -- after the break.