Path 3.1 brings stickers to comments, uses QR codes for adding friends

Stickers, stickers everywhere -- that's what'll happen once everyone on your Path friends list updates their app. The newest version for iOS and Android takes cartoony stickers out of private messaging and lets you use them on the comments section of your feed. Additionally, folks on the go can now easily add friends using QR codes the app generates -- new pals need only scan it to approve the request. If that leads to a barrage of new contacts, version 3.1's improved friends list and better landscape and profile navigation on the iPad will help you sort things out. Considering the social network credits stickers as one of the reasons why it's seen significant growth recently, we imagine Path's comments will be populated with smileys and furry creatures in no time.

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Path 3.1: More Stickers in More Places

With our Messaging release a couple of months ago, we introduced a new way to communicate with the people you care about on Path. Since then, it's been our goal to give characters, faces, and icons to those day-to-day triumphs, annoyances, and logistics. Stuck in traffic? A promotion at work? In desperate need of caffeine? Feeling silly, lovestruck, or frazzled? There's a sticker for that.

You told us you wanted more stickers in more places. So Path 3.1 is for you. Now, any sticker, whether you buy a new pack or use an old one, can be used to quickly respond to your friends' moments, to add color and depth to your commentary. Now, stickers can be part of the full story. We are excited to bring you stickers in comments, a new way to express yourself.

We also used this release as an opportunity to update Path for iPad. Improved navigation in both landscape and profile views means you'll never miss a moment or message. Landscape view now has a fully functioning composer button and feed, so you can share and view moments however you prefer. Plus, any conversations you're having with friends are simply one tap away.

But we're not done. Now it's even easier to send a friend request to that friend you're standing next to. We generate a QR code for you, your friend scans it, and voila, it's official! And a refined friends list makes it faster to find and message your friends and family so you can quickly be in touch.

Path 3.1 is available today for iPhone, iPad, and Android. We so hope you enjoy this updated Path experience.