Vidzone music video streaming app comes to PlayStation 3 users in the US

Music Unlimited has long been Sony's preferred musical portal on the PlayStation 3, but for those who enjoy video to accompany their music, there's a new option available to folks in the US: Vidzone. It's an ad-supported music video streaming service -- not unlike the Vevo app Xbox 360 users enjoy -- that's been available to PS3 owners in Europe for years. Now, their US counterparts can enjoy the 55,000 videos in its library and can view them via genre-based channels or build their own custom playlists. Should you prefer content that's a little less produced, the service also delivers artist interviews and plenty of live events, too. And, whenever you find a new favorite video, you can share it on Facebook. Sound good? You can grab the app yourself from the PlayStation Store or install it directly from the XMB's TV/Video Services option.

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July 16, 2013 – Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced the launch of VidZone, a streaming music video service now available on the PlayStation®3 (PS3®) computer entertainment system in the U.S. PlayStation gamers can access VidZone on their PS3 system for free by installing the VidZone app directly from the TV/Video Services category on the XMB (XrossMediaBar). The VidZone app can also be found on the PlayStation Store under the Media & Apps category. Supported by major industry labels and more than 7,500 independent labels, the ad-supported VidZone app offers PlayStation music fans a wealth of music videos from the biggest artists including Justin Timberlake, Pink, Chris Brown, David Guetta, and more.

The VidZone app is designed to leverage the power of the PS3 system to offer gamers a rich and interactive experience for accessing their favorite music video content.

Key features include:

· Browse a huge catalogue of music videos and compile personalized video playlists. There's no limit to how many playlists can be created, such as a workout mix or a band's greatest hits.

· Create VidZone TV channels based on personal musical taste, including 'Hip Hop TV,' '80's Party TV,' 'Rock Legends TV,' and more.

· Choose from a huge selection of genre based 'Zones,' including 'Hip-Hop Zone,' 'Pop Zone,' and 'Rock Zone,' to find music for every mood or preference. Users can also store their favorite music videos in their very own personal library, 'My Zone.'

· Instantly generate artist related playlists with V:Mix. For example, select the artist Justin Timberlake and V:Mix will create a playlist based on JT. Users can press Play to view the entire V:Mix or select a specific Justin Timberlake music video from the list.

· Share favorite music videos via Facebook or to other VidZone app users.

· Regular updates to give users access to the latest music videos and a wide variety of all-time classics.

"PlayStation gamers are passionate about music and VidZone is set to transform the way they view music videos by offering them the ability to completely tailor and share their viewing experiences via their PS3 system," said Chris Mahoney, Director of Home Business Management at PlayStation. "Whether it's playing award winning games like God of War: Ascension™, Journey™ or The Last of Us™, watching great TV shows and movies through services like Video Unlimited and Netflix®, or streaming the latest music videos with VidZone, the PS3 system offers an immersive world of entertainment for everyone."

"VidZone is not just about giving music fans access to thousands of music videos, but offering a completely interactive and personalized music video experience," said Adrian Workman, CEO of VidZone. "The great thing about using PS3 as a platform for VidZone is that fans can enjoy their favorite music videos in their living room for a much more social experience.''

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