The future arrives: Pioneer launches sat-nav with augmented reality

We're sufficiently old that we remember when the windscreen augmented-reality display from Knight Rider 2000 seemed fanciful. Still, 200 years later, and finally, such things are a reality. Pioneer is launching NavGate, a sat-nav with a built-in projector and glass screen that'll provide the illusion you've got a 30-inch display covering the road ahead. Using the unit, drivers can see turn-by-turn directions, the current speed limit, distance, a clock and the estimated time of arrival. The hardware pairs with various smartphone platforms and will even pull data from the CoPilot and iGo primo navigation apps. It'll be available from October and will set Europeans back around £600 ($933).

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Pioneer launches NavGate head-up display (HUD), the future of satellite navigation

Pioneer is revealing its augmented reality Satellite Navigation system, the NavGate head-up display (HUD) exclusively at this year's IFA in Berlin. The groundbreaking display unit attaches to the driver's sun visor and projects navigation in full colour in the driver's line of sight, allowing the driver to fully focus on the road at all times throughout their journey.

Pioneer's NavGate HUD uses a Digital Light Processor (DLP) projector for high contrast and deep colour saturation, creating a 30-inch display, sitting approximately 3 metres in front of the driver. The projector displays location information as a natural part of the landscape for more intuitive driving.

The Satnav supports various smartphones, which connect to the unit via USB and is compatible with the CoPilot and NNG's iGO primo smartphone apps that display navigation instructions, points of interest and road hazards. Both apps offer clear voice-guided directions, which can be heard through the smartphone speaker or through a Bluetooth car stereo.

Research has shown that most drivers take a whole second to read the speed indicator in the instrument panel or to look at a mobile device. Pioneer's NavGate HUD enables more focused driving by significantly reducing the time required by the driver to process the information they see. The driver's eyes don't constantly have to change between close-range and remote vision.

All information shown on the NavGate HUD has been carefully selected for usefulness and low distraction for the greatest safety; key features include:

Turn-By-Turn Directions – motorists can keep their eyes firmly on the road using projected route on their windscreen and voice guided instructions
Light Sensors – automatically adjusts the brightness of the projections by monitoring the amount of light
Current Speed & Speed Limits
Red Light Camera Warnings
Distance to the Destination
Estimated Time of Arrival
Clock Display

Girish Janday, product executive at Pioneer, said: "Two essential elements for driving are having a clear view on the road and knowing where you're going. Pioneer's NavGate HUD has been designed with both of those ideas in mind, ensuring drivers navigate without losing focus, keeping distractions to a minimum. As it's an aftermarket device, the Pioneer NavGate HUD mounts right onto the car's sun visor and can easily be removed for theft protection. Its competitive price-point will open up this innovative technology to a broader audience."


The NavGate HUD will be available from October 2013 at Pioneer car audio dealerships. For further information on pricing and availability, please contact your local Pioneer distributor

Price: SPX-HUD01 – SRP: £599.99