Wacom revamps Intuos pen tablet line with regular and Pro models, priced from $79 up to $499

It seems last week's Cintiq announcement wasn't the only news that Wacom had up its sleeve for the end of summer. The designer-friendly outfit retooled its Intuos family of pen tablets and it now features two lines: Intuos and Intuos Pro. The former is aimed at the hobbyist sort and replaces the Bamboo-branded pen peripherals that we've seen in the past (the Bamboo moniker will stick around, though) while the latter takes aim at the pro set much like the Intuos5 touch did. Let's start with those, shall we? Intuos Pro pen tablets tout much of the functionality that we've seen before: improved customizable ExpressKeys, Pro Pen with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, Express View (the heads-up display feature) and an included kit for wireless connectivity. The other Intuos peripherals wield a thinner pen for comfy sketching, a set of four ExpressKeys, silver coat of paint and both touch-enabled and non-touch models in its smaller size.

The Intuos Pro will get served up in three sizes (small, medium and large) while the Inutos group will only serving small and medium-sized sensibilities. A Special Edition medium-sized, silver-clad option will also set up shop with the Pro units. Prices for the Pro gadgets are $249, $349 and $499 respectively with that Special Edition clocking in at $379. As far as the regular Intuos pen tabs go, $79 for the non-touch model and $99 or $199 for the swipe-friendly sizes. It's also worth a mention that you'll need to opt for the $39 wireless accessory kit if you're looking to use the regular models without a tether. For all the details on both lines, consult the full PR that lies beyond the break or mosey on over to Wacom's e-store as the entire lot is now on sale.

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Wacom Intuos – One Brand, Designed For Creativity

Whether a beginning or professional creator of digital content, there's an Intuos tablet to inspire artistic expression

Vancouver, Wash. - Sept. 4, 2013 - Designed for creativity, the new Intuos® tablet line
addresses a wider customer base with choices to fit the creative input needs of virtually every artist, designer and photographer. From hobbyist or enthusiast to the seasoned professional, there's an Intuos tablet to help guide digital content creation. Some of the Intuos' new ergonomic and technical features include a slimmer design, improved multi-touch functions and wireless capabilities.

Intuos Pro
The perfect tool for serious photographers, designers and digital artists, Intuos Pro provides the power to produce professional results when working with pressuresensitive software applications such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Corel® Painter™, Autodesk® Sketchbook® and many more. The Intuos Pro Grip Pen delivers 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity as well as tilt recognition, allowing artists to create with the accuracy and precision of traditional brushes and pens. In addition, improved multi-touch gestures enable users to position and navigate their work intuitively.

Improved customizable ExpressKeys™ and the Touch Ring help to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Users can greatly decrease the dependency on the computer keyboard by customizing shortcuts and modifiers directly from the tablet itself. Express View, the Heads-Up-Display (HUD) feature, displays current settings on-screen and fades within a few seconds so as not to disrupt the creative process. Additionally, a personalized Radial Menu enables users to quickly access preferred functions through a hierarchical menu display.

The ambidextrous and ergonomic design of the Intuos Pro allows creative professionals to work in complete comfort for long hours and the included wireless accessory kit means they don't need to be attached to their computer all the time, working any way they want from up to 30 feet (10 meters) away. The Intuos Pro comes in four Pen & Touch models – small ($249 USD), medium ($349 USD) and large ($499 USD). The clean and stylish Intuos Pro Special Edition (medium), priced at $379 USD, is ideal for design sensitive enthusiasts.

The Intuos pen tablet provides a natural, easy and fun way for hobbyists and enthusiasts to express their creativity. Taking drawing with a pen and paper to another level, the Intuos enables users to get creative on the computer, whether simply sketching and doodling, painting a picture, editing photographs or designing greeting cards.

The sleek new pen with a more tapered shape and soft touch finish fits comfortably in the hand, providing aspiring artists with the same feel as traditional pens and brushes. When combining brush size with pressure, even the smallest details can be brought to life. Multi-touch complements the pen, giving users an alternative input method that allows both hands to get involved in the creative process. Whether navigating, zooming or rotating an image, multi-touch is easy and fast. Similar to other Wacom pen tablets, the Intuos also features four ExpressKeys, now with application specific settings for popular creative software.

The Intuos has a new ergonomic and slim design with an eye-catching metallic finish. To personalize the Intuos, colored rings and pen-holder tags are available to liven the creative experience. The rings and tags can be changed as often as one would like to match a particular mood or style. An optional wireless kit is also available to make the tablet portable and easy to use remotely.

There are three Intuos models available including the Intuos Pen (small - $79 USD), Intuos Pen & Touch (small - $99 USD) and Intuos Pen & Touch (medium - $199). The wireless accessory kit ($39 USD) is available through Wacom's eStore.

The entire Intuos Pro and Intuos family of products are available now at select consumer electronic retail locations and the Wacom eStore.

To complete the Intuos range, Wacom has also recently launched the Intuos Creative Stylus, aimed at users looking to draw, sketch or visualize ideas on an iPad. The Intuos Creative Stylus offers a natural, easy and authentic pen experience with 2048 pressure levels. Compatible with key iPad creative apps, it can reproduce the feel and artistic control of traditional brushes and markers.

Wacom's other products designed for creativity include the new Cintiq Companion Creative Tablets and Cintiq Creative Pen Displays