Sony suspends PlayStation promo code support following network trouble (update)

Sony's PSN woes aren't over just yet. The company has temporarily stopped taking PlayStation promo codes following a surge in traffic on the gaming service; for the moment, money cards and game vouchers won't work. There's no estimate for when code redemption will return. It's easy to see the potential causes, however. Between the weekend, the PlayStation 4's European launch and a big discount on PlayStation Plus subscriptions at Amazon, there's guaranteed to be a deluge of PSN activity -- Sony may have unintentionally created a perfect storm.

Update (12/1/13): According to the PlayStation Europe Blog, Sony is "continually increasing the availability of the voucher redemption functionality," so you should see it soon if it's not on your system already. The next step, which we should hear more about tomorrow, is to switch on the What's New activity feed and Live Item in the Content Information Screen for users outside North America.