Sony's $99 life-tracking SmartBand lands in the US

Let's flash back to the heady days of CES 2014, shall we? Sony embraced the wearable bandwagon (again) with the "tiniest gadget" it's ever made, and now the Americans reading this can go out and nab one of their own. Here's what you've got to remember: it's not just an activity tracker. No, Sony fancies it as a "life tracker," and for once that's not complete marketing doublespeak. It works in tandem with an Android app to paint a portrait of what did you each day that extends beyond mere movement -- the sensor and the app track how you slept, where you went, what content you consumed, and when all of that happened. It's a neat enough twist on what otherwise could've been a dry formula, but there are (as always) some caveats to be aware of. Alas, the SmartBand only syncs with devices running Android 4.4 KitKat, and anyone hoping to use this wrist-worn gadget as a timepiece will be sorely disappointed. Does it stack up well against other players in the field? Did Sony stumble over a winning wearable formula? Our review unit just landed, so stay tuned for more detailed impressions to come.