T-Mobile's data-free streaming adds Google Play Music and more

Google Play Music was absent from T-Mobile's Music Freedom options... until now. After a public vote to see who should be next, Mountain View's streaming library will no longer gobble your data on the UnCarrier's network. Google's music service is among 14 others, including Xbox Music and SoundCloud, that won't count against that monthly allowance when you're in need of some tunes on-the-go. Of course, Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and ten others were already given the free pass, so with the recent additions, that total now tallies 27 in all. The full list of today's additions awaits on the other side of the break.

The full list of today's additions to T-Mobile's Music Freedom:

  • Google Play Music

  • Xbox Music

  • SoundCloud

  • RadioTunes

  • Digitally Imported

  • Fit Radio

  • Fresca Radio


  • Live365

  • Mad Genius Radio

  • radioPup



  • Saavn